Light of New Zealand Series

The Light of New Zealand Series on Tour


In 2010 David was commissioned to create a painting that would embody hope and light, and show something of the wonder of living in New Zealand.  The journey began with one painting of a Kereru and was titled 'The Light of Hope".   It was so well received that he was encouraged to paint more, and so began this series of ten paintings, each one telling a story of New Zealand, with the connecting theme throughout being the 'Light of New Zealand'.    

In the artist's words,   "The series is a visual metaphor for the uniqueness of our natural heritage.  The star links each piece to make them one.  I can't but think of Vincent Van Gogh's quote, "For my part I know nothing with certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream'.  I'd hope these paintings might inspire the same thought in others".

The Kereru was accepted by the Waikato branch of the Cancer Society and successfully reproduced as a 'Fine Art Card', then used as a fundraiser.  When series one was completed the Waikato branch again selected the series as a gift fundraiser for the local branch the following year.  David was delighted to be involved in a project for such a worthy organisation.  In February 2011 the Waikato Branch of the Cancer Society opened the Lions Lodge  David presented CEO Judy Gould with one of the Limited Edition Prints of the Light of New Zealand - Series 1  Scroll down to see bigger version of these wonderful paintings.

The official launch  of the paintings was in April 2012 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington at the Solo 33 Exhibition.  

Following on from that, in January 2013 the paintings were viewed by many locals and visitors from as far away as Scotland, at a 'bach gallery' at Riversdale Beach on the east coast of the Wairarapa; displayed as David had originally intended, ten pieces combined as one to form a beautiful 'stain glass window' effect.  


 Koru Lounge Members enjoy New Zealand Art Works

In July 2013, the paintings were placed on display at Air New Zealand's domestic Koru Lounge at Auckland Airport.  Members are able to get up close and personal, viewing the work over a good coffee while they await their flights. David is pictured here with Air New Zealand Koru Lounge Manager, Sarah Cornelius.  Sarah has been brilliant help in ensuring the paintings were displayed as requested by David.  The viewing platform is perfect for all to see.  Where is the next port of call for these exceptional works of art?    Watch this space........